Aesthetic Dental Fillings

Aesthetic dental fillings is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic procedures for patients who want visible changes in their smile.

During the procedure, decayed, chipped or otherwise damaged teeth are restored to their original color and shape using aesthetic dental fillings. This results in a long-lasting and natural-looking outcome. Aesthetic sealing is also performed when it is necessary to improve the proportion of the teeth or to close gaps between the teeth. This method is minimally invasive and not only enhances the appearance of the smile, but also improves the patient’s overall oral health. During the procedure, damaged tooth tissue is removed while preserving most of the healthy tooth. Quality materials are used to restore the strength and resistance of the teeth, and the compatibility of the corrected tooth with the gums is ensured. 

Aesthetic filling is significantly cheaper than dental prosthetics or implants. It is important to maintain proper dental care after the procedure to achieve a long-term effect. This includes using the toothpaste and toothbrush recommended by the dentist and visiting the dentist or oral hygienist at least twice a year for teeth polishing and assessment of the aesthetic filling.

Therapeutic treatment in our clinic is performed by Dr. dentist Alanta Girdvainytė.

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