Dental Fillings

Tooth filling is performed in the case of surface damage to the teeth, such as a chipped tooth or dental caries, also known as tooth decay.

Caries is the progressive decay of the hard tissues of the tooth caused by acids on the surface of the tooth. These acids are produced when the oral microflora present in plaques formed on the surfaces of the teeth break down carbohydrates. This leads to demineralization of enamel, dentin, and, less often, cementum, which is the leaching of calcium ions from the hard tissues of the tooth.

How is tooth decay treated?

Treatment for tooth decay typically involves a simple dental procedure. If the decay is detected early, drilling and filling can be avoided. However, if the decay is advanced, the tooth must be cleaned (by drilling a hole) and the cavity sealed. If treatment is provided in time, the tooth can be successfully protected. However, if decay is allowed to progress, it can penetrate into the deep layers of the tooth and can cause inflammation of the tooth nerve, known as pulpitis.

Therapeutic treatment in our clinic is performed by Dr. dentist Alanta Girdvainytė.

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